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Ann Mahoney

As an actress on AMC's hit show 'The Walking Dead', and films like 'Big Momma's House 2' and 'Barefoot', Ann Mahoney noticed a big difference in her health and energy levels after using AIM Garden Trio and CoCoa LeafGreens.

"Nutrition is vital for my work, especially now that I am working on two TV shows and a few movies all at once and traveling a lot. It is important that I keep my health in check."

Meet Ann

AIM Member Ann Mahoney will perform in CMT's upcoming 'Sun Records' where she plays Elvis's mom, Gladys Presley, and with Renee Zellweger this spring in the film 'Same Kind of Different'. Additionally, she has five television shows that she created/wrote in the works. Ann has been recently sponsored by The AIM Companies.

Ann's favorite AIM products