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Chelsea Wewege

Determined hard work comes in the form of daily exercise, an hour of cardio, e.g., walking, swimming, or aerobics and an hour of Pilates. That's on top of the time she spends at dance practice. In order to maintain such a grueling schedule, she ensures her nutrition is on point.
"I strongly believe that what you put
into your body determines your performance. Natural, plant-based supplements lead to pure and real output, the kind involved in success; whereas unnatural supplements lead to burnout."

Meet Chelsea

AIM-sponsored ballet dancer Chelsea Wewege of Durban, South Africa, was one of only twenty-five international students admitted annually into the renowned Central School of Ballet in London and was selected based solely on her video, a rare feat. She's also won two scholarships to the American Academy of Ballet Summer School of Excellence in New York City, earned her American Academy of Ballet Performance Awards to level twelve (with gold distinction) and passed her advanced Royal Academy of Ballet Exam also with distinction.

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