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Lew Hollander

In his eighty-eight years of life, Lew Hollander has completed over 2,000 races. Prior to becoming a well-known and iconic IronMan triathlete, Lew was an accomplished endurance rider and earned a place in the American Endurance Rider Conference hall of fame. Lew holds the Guinness Book World's Record for being the oldest person to complete the IronMan triathlon championship race and is also the oldest person to complete an IronMan triathlon. He qualified for the 2015 IronMan Championship race in Hawaii and is the first person ever to compete in the 85-90 age category.    

The Latest on Lew Hollander

AIM-sponsored athlete Lew Hollander powers on in competitive events around the world, proving that age is (and always will be) just a number. How many people win gold medals when they compete? Only those at the top of their game, and 88-year-old Lew Hollander remains at the top of his. In July 2018, Lew took home gold in the Sprint Duathlon World Championships held in Fyn, Denmark, providing a truly inspirational performance. Acknowledging the role of AIM products, Lew stated, "I think a good part of my success is due to BarleyLife, CalciAIM and, of course, RediBeets, which are a big help in my training program." Even when he is not competing, AIM's natural supplements give Lew a helping hand in other ways. "Composure helps me to sleep much better." And getting enough rest at night is a major factor in staying healthy at any age. AIM congratulates Lew Hollander on this recent achievement and all of his endeavors, both past and future. And AIM will be on hand to help power him on.



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