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Champions Forever

If you are a fan of the television program America's Got Talent, then you have probably seen one of the most amazing acts to ever appear on the show: Bruce and Diane Crevier and their—count them—twelve children performing their "Spin-tacular Basketball Show". The road to America's Got Talent has been a long one for the Creviers. Their determination to succeed has meant a lot of miles, sacrifices and worn-out vehicles along the way: Honda Civics, mini-vans, 15 passenger vans and a variety of motor homes up to their current mode of transport: a 45' tour bus, as the family travels and performs all over the world.    

The Crevier Mission

It's not just about being impressively entertaining. At the heart of their performances is a non-profit ministry, "Champions Forever Ministries", with a message. The family goes out of their way to encourage people to win at the game of life. As the inspirational words on the homepage of their website proclaim, it is their goal, "To know Jesus Christ, and to make Him known. To use our talents and resources to inspire, encourage, equip, and challenge youth and adults to become Champions in the Game of Life!"   Visit us at:

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