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Welcome to The AIM Companies, an international group whose common goal is to provide
high-quality whole food concentrates and supplements that improve people’s lives.

We believe that the free enterprise system provides people with opportunities to secure financial success and help others. The best way to find success in this system is to provide people with quality products that are beneficial to them. This is a business philosophy that is built upon care and concern for others, a business philosophy that demonstrates how free enterprise can work to improve people’s lives, a business philosophy that conforms to the mission statement of The AIM Companies.

The mission of The AIM Companies is to improve the quality and productivity of people’s lives by promoting the Healthy Cell Concept and the highest principles of free enterprise.

This mission is further refined in the core values of The AIM Companies, which reflect what must be realized to succeed.

• Respect for the individual
• Commitment to excellence
• Dedication to customer service
• Success through personal initiative