A Journey of Opportunity

When you journey with AIM, you have access to high-quality supplements that can improve and maintain your health. As a Member, you can also have your own business by sharing the benefits of AIM nutrition with others. It's a platform with limitless possibilities. The more your team grows, the greater the rewards. And since its inception, The AIM Companies™ has never missed a monthly payment to its Members, so you can depend on AIM.

Learn all about how to qualify for title promotions and earn commissions and bonuses in this informational guide.

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The AIM Community

As a Member of AIM, you also become part of a worldwide community: The AIM family. This means you are never alone in your endeavors. Being in the AIM family means you become an integral part of a unique culture that emphasizes family first. That's because in the normally impersonal world of business, AIM is personal. Our Members come first.

"My family, friends and I are blessed to be a part of the AIM Family."
— Moonira V., South Africa.

And Members who help others to improve their health by sharing the known benefits of AIM nutrition, find an opportunity to have businesses of their own. It's a large part of the beauty of this open invitation.

Training Resources

AIM believes Member training is best accomplished by successful Members in the field. As a first step, we recommend contacting your AIM sponsor for training and education. Or, contact the AIM office in your country to learn more about Member-driven training opportunities.

AIM also offers training and educational literature at our website, available exclusively to AIM Members and AIM Customers. To view our training and educational videos, please go to the AIM Nutrition YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/aimusers

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*Accrued within three consecutive months. Your personal purchases are included in your group volume points.

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