Product Testimonials

"Within three days of using BarleyLife and FloraFood, my wife noticed a big change in me. For training, I take RediBeets and Peak Endurance, and my recovery is on another level. I can feel the difference AIM has made every day. In all my years of research, I have never come across a company with as much backup, passion and knowledge as AIM." — Andre de B.

"When I need an extra boost of energy for my day, I take Peak Endurance so I can keep going. My husband, Jerry and I recently charted 100 miles hiking in Washington State’s Olympic National Park and the North Cascades, something I would never have imagined possible just a few years ago." — Char P.

"BarleyLife helped bring down inflammation in my eye when nothing else would. I took 1 teaspoon every hour for a day and the inflammation was gone!" — Darlene V.

"I was stunned at how good I felt after trying the Garden Trio. It gave me incredible energy—something I hadn't had up to that point. I was sold!" — Richard P.

"I'm traveling non-stop these days. The only way to ensure my nutrition stays on track is the AIM Garden Trio. And, I love Herbal Fiberblend!" — Ann M.

"When CalciAIM was introduced, I immediately ordered it and started taking it with meals. I faithfully take CalciAIM every day, and I can’t thank AIM enough for this amazing, absorbable product." — Janet B.

"A few years ago, I had itching in between my toes. When I started on the CranVerry+, it went away and I have never had a problem with it again." — Rita V.

"FloraFood is an excellent probiotic, and it is probably one of the most important additions to your daily regimen." — Vivien R.

"Frame Essentials works well for my inflammation. I started taking it over fifteen years ago. If I don't take it, I really have a problem in my joints." — Dean R.

"I am thrilled about the benefits of GlucoChrom. I used to have swelling in my ankles, but that's gone down and so has my sugar levels! " — Maria S.

"Energy, vitality and strength. That is what I get from Peak Endurance. I am not tuckered out any more!" — Mitch C.

"CoCoa LeafGreens completely stopped my nightly jaw clinching and seasonal allergy reactions within a week! Five years now and I remain free of both." — Bettiann L.

"My parents introduced us to AIM over 20 years ago. They still promote their favorite products, loving it when people find renewed energy and reduced inflammation and other benefits. When our children reached six months old, they loved having BarleyLife on a spoon with some juice to wash it down. Our son now has his own stash at college. We are truly an AIM Family!" — Heidi & Mike T.

"During my years as a competitive runner, AIM products helped me to run stronger and longer and to recover faster from races. My staples include the Garden Trio, ProPeas, Peak Endurance and GinkgoSense, and I rotate most of the rest. I have loved them from the very beginning and wouldn’t do without them." — Eric V.

"With BarleyLife Xtra, I no longer feel tired or restless. I take BarleyLife Xtra twice a day. I just love The AIM Companies and their products." — Denise D.

"Frame Essential and other AIM products have helped with back pain." — Sam W.

"When I first learned about BarleyLife I was struggling with digestive issues. I have seen amazing improvements with those issues and my energy! I feel like a new person" — Erica C.

"As a professional singer, I've been using Proancynol 2000 for over nine years now. It helps eliminate sore throat, congestion and mucus so that I can go on singing. It's a miracle!" — Georgiann G.

"I'm seventy-five years old, and it's better to be safe than sorry. I've been taking ReAssure SP for prevention because I know a lot of people who are younger than me who have prostate problems. I don't." — Robin H.

"I love ProPeas! I have tried every protein drink on the market, and ProPeas is not only the best tasting, it's also the cleanest source of plant-based protein available." — Tina W.

"Just Carrots was the only nourishment I was able to take when I had gall bladder issues. It gave me energy, tasted good and was so easy to prepare. Just a spoonful of Just Carrots in a glass of water several times a day kept me going until I healed."
Adena T.

"I am constantly recommending dietary changes and AIM products, especially BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend. I always let them know that I take these products and that you get more for your money with AIM."
Helene M.

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