Helene McKoy
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Helene McKoy grew up in Barbados eating a variety of fruit, some vegetables and meat from animals raised naturally. Becoming an Adventist at age 12, she switched to vegetarian foods. Her upbringing has helped to make Helene the extremely health-oriented individual that she is to this very day, combining mostly plant-based nutrition and regular exercise.

Helene always had a strong desire to help others. As a student at university, she mentored teens and helped to create a summer learning program. As a guidance counselor for eight years, Helene assisted in starting a ladies’ group and aided in a teen parenting program, serving as a role model for young mothers. Her desire to help others continues to this day. “I enthusiastically share the good news of the gospel. I have given out hundreds of Christian books, links to sermons and bible studies, and prayed for people.”

Having a master’s in education, Helene uses her teaching skills to mentor students and assist people in making healthy lifestyle changes. When she shares her knowledge of nutrition and AIM products, Helene is able to present a healthy example of the message she delivers.

"I am constantly recommending dietary changes and AIM products, especially BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend. I always let them know that I take these products and that you get more for your money with AIM."

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