Helene McKoy
Member Spotlight

Helene McKoy always had a strong desire to help others. As a university student, she mentored teens and helped to create a summer learning program. As a guidance counselor for eight years, Helene assisted in starting a ladies’ group and aided in a teen parenting program, serving as a role model for young mothers. Her desire to help others continues to this day. “I enthusiastically share the good news of the gospel. I have given out hundreds of Christian books, links to sermons and bible studies, and prayed for people.”

Helene has always been a health-oriented individual. Growing up in Barbados, she become an Adventist at age 12 and switched to vegetarian foods. With a master’s in education, Helene now mentors students and assists people in making healthy lifestyle changes. When she shares her knowledge of nutrition and AIM products, Helene is able to present a healthy example of the message she delivers.

"I am constantly recommending dietary changes and AIM products, especially BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend. I always let them know that I take these products and that you get more for your money with AIM."

Helene's Favorite Products

Whole-food Nutrition

Herbal Fiberblend
Fiber cleanse

Blood Glucose Health

Bone Support