Lora Wishart
Member Spotlight

AIM Group Builder Lora Wishart has a passion for teaching and inspiring others to increase their plant-based food intake. As an elementary school teacher, Lora teaches her students about being stewards of the environment and choosing healthy food.

Lora and her husband, Gord, have a 20-acre farm, where their four children learn about sourcing their own food - from preparing the soil to harvesting and canning the produce.

"We grow a lot more produce than we need as a family, so we take a large amount to a local women's shelter and a food bank each week." Lora also set up the Good Food Box at Sacred Heart School, where once a month area farmers drop off their harvests and the school community can then purchase reasonably priced produce.

"Along with living an active lifestyle, we aim for health by growing our own food, increasing our plant-based intake and being proactive instead of reactive in our choice of AIM products."
Photo of AIM Member Lora Wishart smiling wearing a sun hat

Lora's Favorite Products

Garden Trio
Whole-food Nutrition

CoCoa LeafGreens
Chocolate and Greens

Pea Protein