Darlene and Kees Vandermey
Member Spotlight

AIM Directors Darlene and Kees Vandermey have been sharing nutrition that works for years, supporting the health of others as well as their own.

An avid bicyclist, Darlene was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1990. She was told she would never cycle again, but bike riding remains a vital part of her exercise routine to this very day.

“Kees and I cycle between 25 and 40 km, three times a week,” Darlene stated, “and we are both in our 70s. Along with taking the Garden Trio and a ProPeas smoothie daily, we are fueled for riding by the Sports Pack, so we also get Peak Endurance and extra RediBeets.”

As members of Gale Presbyterian Church, Darlene and Kees support a nonprofit organization called Presbyterian World Service and Development (PWS&D). In 2020, Darlene found out about the PWS&D’s annual Ride for Refuge that raises money for world mission projects.

She organized a small group named after their church affiliation, and the Gale Riders joined the 25-kilometer Ride for Refuge in 2020. The group also participated in the 2021 event, once again following all health protocols for cycling during the pandemic.

Due to their efforts, the Gale Riders have raised nearly $7,000 in total, funds that go toward food security projects for farmers worldwide and other world mission needs.

"I made lifestyle changes that included regular intake of a variety of AIM products, all of which helped improve my health."
Photo of AIM Members Darlene and Kees Vandermey wearing bike helmets before a bike ride

Darlene and Kees’ Favorite Products

Garden Trio
Whole-food Nutrition

Pea Protein

Sports Pack
Energy, Replenish, Recover