Bernadette and Frank Pickett
Member Spotlight

In addition to doing Christian volunteer work, AIM Directors Frank and Bernadette Pickett have been teaching the joyful world of ballroom dancing for over 17 years.

Before the Picketts began taking AIM nutrition, they were dealing with health issues. “When our chiropractor introduced us to AIM’s barley leaf juice powder, we could see a big difference very quickly."

When Herbal Fiberblend was released, taking it helped Bernadette to prepare her for the emotional year that followed. “Our three daughters all got married within four months, and my mother passed away on the wedding day of our youngest daughter.”

Today, AIM nutrition continues to play an important role in helping Frank and Bernadette maintain good health. "We have used all of the AIM products off and on, and, on a daily basis, we most regularly take the Garden Trio, AIMega, ProPeas and Frame Essentials—to keep our joints agile."

"We are so thankful that God has blessed us for over 37 years with many excellent, healthy, energy-building AIM products that continue to build and restore our bodies."

Photo of AIM Members Bernadette and Frank Pickett

Bernadette & Frank's Favorite Products

Whole-food Nutrition

Essential Fatty Acids

Pea Protein

Frame Essentials
Joint Health